Google Cloud Summit Benelux 2024

Today we had the opportunity to attend the Partner Connect @ Google Cloud Summit Benelux event in Amsterdam, and it was a day full of innovation and inspiration. Networking with industry leaders and participating in stimulating sessions, we are thrilled to be able to implement the latest developments in Google Cloud and GenAI for our ourselves and our customers.

Interested in joining us next year and experiencing the excitement firsthand? Let us know!

Here are our top three highlights from the event:

  1. The Google GenAI Story: Despite entering the AI scene later than some, Google is now leading with the introduction of Gemini 1.5 Pro, showcasing unparalleled integration and business application capabilities.   
  2. Building a Scalable Data Analytics Platform - with ING: It was fascinating to see how ING has developed a dynamic data analytics platform within a highly secure environment filled with sensitive data, demonstrating the power, flexibility and security of Google Cloud.
  3. Supercharge Modern Applications: Exciting to see Google Cloud’s future plans and vision for cloud-hosted applications and good to see that we are fully in line with that vision.

Stay tuned as we integrate these developments into (y)our services, and let’s elevate your business together with Google Cloud’s cutting-edge solutions!

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