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Cloud Platform Architecture and Development

With a passion for technology and automation, vBridge tackles cloud-related questions and challenges.

Our team of experienced and certified cloud engineers can migrate your infrastructure and code into the future.

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What we do

vBridge thrives at the intersection of Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Native Development, and Industrial IoT. Not limiting ourselves to only part of the stack, vBridge also offers Custom Development as one of its services.

  • Amazon AWS partner

  • Microsoft partner

  • Cloud Migration

    Together with the customer, we will work out a migration path so that your existing setup can transition towards this state-of-the-art Cloud Platform Architecture step by step, at your own pace.

    vBridge will actively maintain and monitor your new architecture, and provide you with all the advantages the cloud provides.

  • Cloud Native Infrastructure

    Embracing the change introduced by a Cloud Platform Architecture as a base layer, vBridge is well versed in designing and building Cloud Native Applications.

    Containerization using Kubernetes, Queues, Serverless components, Cloud Storage, CDN, Load Balancers, etc. all come into play.

    For existing projects, vBridge helps to identify bottlenecks and provides your development team with all the ingredients needed to migrate your monolith to a modern infrastructure.

  • Industrial IoT

    Together with the (hardware) engineering forces at AAtechnics, vBridge designs and develops interfaces for industrial equipment to harvest data from. Thanks to our in-house-developed monitoring platform – which is deeply integrated with the cloud – we can not only detect but also predict events and problems.

  • Tailor-made solutions

    To come back full circle, vBridge also offers to unburden you completely. Together with our network of carefully chosen partners and experts, we can help you out across the entire stack, front-to-back. Think of custom APIs, web applications, etc. — All tailor-made to suit your needs.

  • Workshops & Training

    Thanks to our background in education we're well versed in creating course materials, and giving lectures. Expect a hands-on training, exercises covering real use-cases, filled with practical advice and sharing insights.


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Our Values

In every project we do, vBridge tries to live up to its core values. It's the DNA that makes vBridge “vBridge”.

  • Active Customer Involvment

    Together with our customers we make a team. We don't impose solutions or technologies, but make decisions in agreement.

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  • Change for the Better

    While architecting and implementing solutions the added value for the customer is our guiding principle, even if that means we have to rethink our architecture or technology choices.

  • No-Nonsense Communication

    Customers always have direct contact with our engineers and together we eliminate overhead when we detect it. In procedures, in code, in infrastructure.

  • Automate where possible

    We loathe repetitive tasks and manual interventions. If we can automate a task, we love to do it.

    Practical: CI/CD Build Pipeline, Cloud Builds, etc.

  • Security as a Foundation

    Security comes first and is a foundation throughout the company and our culture. No compromises on that.


  • Let's talk!

    Want to have a talk? Reach out by email at info@vbridge.eu and we'll set up the details.

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