Craft CMS Meetup - scaling Craft with GCP

Last week, during the Craft CMS Meetup, Alex De Smet did a great job explaining how Craft can scale to handle up to thousands of simultaneous connections. His personal mission to explain this very technical topic to non-sysadmins was a success. Afterwards, he was surrounded by developers who wanted to know more details.

Some takeaways:

  • Renting an expensive VPS system for a year just because you want to make sure the launch of a new project goes well might not be the best strategy.
  • Caching is key to scaling.
  • Scaling vertically is easy, but has many pitfalls.
  • Scaling horizontally is where the public cloud excels in.
  • There is a thriving community around Craft CMS, and we’re happy to be part of it.
  • vBridge is a cloud partner with experience in this field, and happy to help ;-)
Google Cloud Summit Benelux 2024