Is the cloud more secure than on-premise?

Better than on premise?

A recent customer meeting sparked a lively discussion about cloud security. On the road home, after I shared my perspective, the conversation left me curious to explore industry views on this topic.

Cloud Security: Advantages and Potential Risks

I believe cloud environments often offer a higher level of security compared to on-premises solutions. Cloud providers leverage a "secure by design" approach, where robust security measures are built into the infrastructure from the ground up. This is particularly true for greenfield projects, where security controls are implemented from the very beginning.

However, it's essential to acknowledge potential drawbacks. Configuration errors can have a more significant impact in the cloud because of its inherent scalability. A single misconfiguration can potentially expose a vast amount of data.

Seeking Expert Insights: A Vendor-Neutral Approach

Seeking a broader perspective, I delved into a free white paper on the Google partner portal that perfectly aligned with my inquiry. This independent investigation explored IT security leaders' views on Security Operations (SecOps) in the cloud. Notably, the report was vendor-neutral, offering valuable, unbiased insights.

Balanced Findings and Shared Optimism

The research revealed a balanced view: both cloud and on-premises solutions have unique pros and cons. Interestingly, respondents agreed that a well-designed modern cloud environment can be more secure than in-house data management. Additionally, the cloud offers a dynamic approach to manage risk.

The report highlighted a sense of optimism among IT security leaders regarding the cloud's potential to enhance security. This aligns with my own perspective – the cloud presents exciting possibilities for improved security posture.


Cloud security is a complex topic with compelling arguments on both sides. As this research suggests, a well-architected cloud environment can be a powerful security asset. However, it's crucial to weigh the potential risks and ensure proper configuration management.

The complete whitepaper (State of Cloud Threat Detection and Response Report) is freely downloadable: download the whitepaper here!

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