Green IT

Every time you open an email or browse a website, it requires energy in a data center, and many small actions add up to significant megawatts. That energy needs to be generated, and more often than not, it happens in a non-green manner. However, even consuming only green energy is just half of the solution: using less energy is the only long-term solution.

Not reading emails for the sake of the climate is an action you could consider, but it may not be entirely practical. ;-)

What does this have to do with vBridge? Everything!

All our applications are hosted in carbon-neutral data centers, which are already much more efficient than traditional data centers. “Carbon neutral” means there is some form of compensation for the generated CO2. However, as mentioned earlier, that is only part of the work; we also strive to reduce energy consumption. For us, this translates into a continuous search for optimizations that decrease the carbon footprint of our customers’ applications.

In the past months, we conducted such an exercise for a client. The result is that we can present the graph below for a project that underwent numerous optimizations in the last six months. An interesting detail is that this is a rapidly growing company that manages to  reduce its carbon footprint by over 30% despite its growth.

And the best way to sell these optimizations to management: consuming less also means paying less. For the project in question, this results in a monthly saving of approximately 30%, despite the company’s significant growth.

How big is your IT CO2 footprint? Can we assist you in finding optimisations? Let us know! Contact us for a non-obligatory analysis of your cloud environment
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