It's free and 10 other reasons to work with a Google Cloud partner

Although you can set up your own cloud account at GCP, there are some appealing reasons to work with an  official Google Cloud Partner.

  1. Google selects official cloud partners through a rigorous vetting process. Partners have to prove their quality through a yearly evaluation. This way, you’re sure that you get high quality advice from engineers and architects all trained and certified by Google.
  2. Partners can save you time and money by helping you to design and optimize architectures based on a broad experience. Our advice goes a lot further than pointing to textbook examples. Our designs are battle-tested and built on years of experience.
  3. GCP partners have a direct line to Google engineers. So, ‘when sh*t hits the fan..’, we know how to get in touch with the teams that actually build the amazing tools at GCP. This way, downtime and the risk for data loss is minimized.
  4. Selecting a partner does not mean you don’t have a relationship with Google anymore. Your direct sales contact at Google is still at your disposal for questions, that doesn’t change.
  5. By choosing a partner, you unlock additional ways to pay the monthly cloud bill. Partners can provide alternative billing methods, like monthly invoicing, which can be more convinient for businesses with existing workflows.
  6. Your internal team can be assisted with audits (architecture, cost, security..)
  7. We can help you with migrations and change management.
  8. As a partner, we can set up proof of concepts for you, to give you a headstart when developing new services.
  9. Our service, knowledge and support are never more than a phone call away.
  10. We can assist you in detecting whether you are eligible for funding or incentives.

Did I already mention that there are no costs or strings attached?

Interested in this valuable and free relationship? Drop us a mail at!

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