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Cloud Native Development using Cloud Run


Google Cloud Platform has rapidly claimed its place over the past few years in the public cloud provider scene. Take advantage of the scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure that has been powering Google’s own services such as Gmail, Youtube, Google search for many years now.

Although each new environment takes some getting used to, the products and services on GCP will allow you to easily migrate your existing services to the cloud or build new cloud native applications however you like.

This half day workshop will provide you with an introduction to the serverless components which come native to the platform and show you how to create a basic CD pipeline which takes the source code, builds a container and deploys it to Cloud Run or Cloud Functions within minutes.

Additionally, we’ll focus on some of the most widely used components such as Cloud SQL & Cloud Storage to allow you to skip the hassle of figuring out the basics yourself.

Targeted audience: Developers with little to no experience in the Cloud Native Developer space

General info

Bring your own laptop!

Workshops & Talks by Alex & Elian

To provide you with maximum comfort, we'll limit the number of attendees to 15 people.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop

Contact us at workshops@vbridge.eu

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