Craft CMS hosting

Craft CMS hosting

Craft CMS is clearly on the rise, and that trend is clearly visible with our customers. It offers a flexible, tailored experience for developers and online editors.
Specifically for this, we developed a solution that allows Craft CMS to be hosted serverless.
More concretely, this means that you no longer have to rent a server ('VPS') to only handle the occasional peak in traffic, but that you rent cloud hosting that scales with the needs. This scaling is no longer necessary per month or year as with classic hosting, but per minute.

By implementing different layers of caching, our architecture can also handle very large volumes of visitors.

Always tailored to your needs

Every Craft site is different, and so is how we approach our projects. In collaboration with the customer, the right components are selected to find an ideal balance between scalability and cost price. Our hosting solutions offer solutions for both a compact application with few visitors and extremely scaling solutions with hundreds of thousands of visitors.


Our Craft solutions can already present a number of letters of nobility. Peaks with several thousand requests per second were handled smoothly. Sites that have virtually no visitors at night now cost only half of what would otherwise be paid.


By no longer using classic servers, the attack surface also significantly reduces. That, combined with the automatic scanning of the containers, ensures a measurable improvement in safety.
Your infrastructure is also not shared with others, as is the case with shared hosting.

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