Internet of Things

Internet of Things

In recent years, we have established an infrastructure that has enabled us to successfully collect billions of signals from thousands of devices across several European countries.

The expertise we have developed through this endeavor provides your project with a significant advantage. Our responsibility extends to capturing the signals and, if necessary, configuring on-site edge nodes for data collection.
Through robust pipelines, the received data is efficiently transformed into meaningful dashboards, alarms, and more.
Furthermore, our strong partnerships with industrial collaborators allow us not only to manage the IT aspects of your project but also to coordinate the technical installation and provide ongoing support.

Data collection

We have the capability to capture data from every corner of your factory or retail location, regardless of its source, whether it's from modern interfaces or legacy systems. Our extensive experience enables us to handle diverse data streams efficiently.


Once the data is collected, our first step is to plot and visualize it. In many cases, this initial visualization provides actionable insights, allowing you to draw conclusions or make informed decisions.


Our skilled engineers are adept at detecting patterns and correlations within the collected data. This in-depth analysis uncovers valuable insights into the underlying processes, providing a deeper understanding of your operations.


Achieving the holy grail of IoT, we can often predict the near future based on historical data. This powerful capability opens doors to predictive maintenance, optimizing production cycles, and making proactive decisions to enhance efficiency and performance.


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