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Our History

It all started in 2017 when a few experienced IT received a request to build a high-performance monitoring system. To streamline the project, a new company was set up for the IT aspect in which several IT specialists (networks, IoT, Kubernetes, development) were brought together. As apparently befits a startup, we did so from a drafty room that offered just enough space to accommodate our laptops and screens. By starting from a blank slate, we had the opportunity to work with the very latest technologies, and the decision was also made to only use scalable cloud components.

The accumulated expertise, and certainly the experience with cloud infrastructure, soon turned out to be useful in other projects, and the ball started rolling. The love for IoT has remained, and the knowledge about cloud infrastructure has only grown.

We are now doing much more than IoT, and we are currently very proud to say that our solutions are used in SMEs, multinationals and listed companies at home and abroad.

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Our Mission

When vBridge launched, it was not with the intention of doing more of the same. Our belief that new technology creates opportunities for companies has been driving innovation for our customers since 2018.

We believe that with the currently available cloud technologies we can automate a lot of repetitive tasks to increase quality, speed and security of development, and we want to use it in this way to ensure that the visitors of our customers' applications can be served better.

We want to keep looking for optimisations, in close cooperation with our customers.
Even if something goes wrong, we won't point a finger, but together we try to look for the cause and solutions.

Downtime is our worst enemy, so we continue to innovate and stay ahead of our competitors. This allows our customers to focus on what they excel at. We do this through continuous training and making sure that all of our employees become real experts in what they do.

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  • Medior / Senior Cloud Engineer

    As a medior/senior cloud engineer you will be working in an environment that breathes innovation. In our new offices in Otterburcht (Ghent), you will be part of the team that builds innovative cloud solutions. Think of microservices, Kubernetes and cloud native applications.

  • System & Network Engineer

    As a system & network engineer you work alongside our cloud team. In our new offices in Otterburcht (Ghent), you support customers and help to build new solutions. IoT, Linux, networking, security and Microsoft 365 are never far away.


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